Crushing Plant

Project Name: Crushing Plant
Project Description: Star International Waste Management’s C&D Recycling Plant located in Al Ain just adjacent to the landfill site at Ain Al a facility that was initially proposed as a part of the Plan of the Center for Waste Management for the Management of Construction & Demolition Debris. The basic principle of this C&D plant is to receive the waste, separate out other materials such as plastic, wood and metal and then crushes the remaining concrete into smaller size ensuring that they as broken down aggregates are of good enough quality to be reused for road base etc. The SIWM C&D Recycling Plant has a capacity of about 2000 tonnes per day that is around 2000 t/day of construction waste can be segregated and broken down into useful Material. Plastic and steel are also recovered during the segregation this too might be recycled and eventually reused.
Location: Al Ain
Client: Star International Waste Management
Scope of work: Design, Approval and Supervision