Slovenia Pavillion

Project Name: Proposed Construction of Slovenia pavilion for Expo 2020
Client: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
Location: Plot C.196 Expo 2020 Dubai United Arab Emirates
Built Up Area: 1040.30 Sq.m
Scope: AOR Services
Status: Final Submission to EXPO
Project description:
The pavilion serves for the overall promotion of Slovenia and presentation of the story of Slovenia – technologically advanced green country in the heart of Europe, at the crossroads of important transport routes, the silk road and indeed the heart of Europe.
The pavilion load-bearing structure is made predominantly of wood, in the form of lamellar bearings joined with steel connectors. The fillers are made of glass and steel, which, in combination with 15cm high water field that covers a large part of the plot, gives the impression of a floating facility surrounded by a floating forest. Like all other construction elements, the floating forest construction is made of steel and wood. Most component parts of the facility are prefabricated in Slovenia in automated production based on pre-prepared workshop documentation, drawn up in cooperation with designers and experts for production preparation. The support of synchronized computer programmes enables the control of manufacturing processes. Furthermore, this ensures predictability of all phases of the pavilion performance e.g. the optimal purchase of reproductive materials, production and transport planning, the assembly process at the site and, last but not least, the dismantle of the pavilion and possible reassembly at the newly selected location. All pavilion components are suitable for maritime transport in 40’’ sea containers. Maritime transport is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly mode of transportation.