Bio Diesel Technology Plant

Project Name: Proposed (G+4 Production Plant) + G Only Workshop, Office Block, Drum Heating, Boiler House, Labour Restroom, Guard Room with Cooling Towers And Tanks.
Project Description: This Bio Diesel Plant is under construction in JAFZA , one of the primary purpose of this plant is Toproduce biodiesel from Used Cooking Oil. The plant has been designed to produce Approximately100tonns/ day of biodiesel. Bio -D plans to manufacture bio diesel a renewable fuel from vegetable oil. Bio D can utilize otherwise wasted and difficult to dispose materials as input (eg Used Cookingoil, Crude palm oil etc). The produced biodiesel is proposed to have the Same performance as that of diesel. The proposed plant has been designed to produce approximately 100 tons/day of biodiesel.
Location: S41001 JAFZA South, Dubai.
Scope of Work: Design, Approval and Supervision
Status: on going